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Re: OpenBSD 3.6 sparc64 Build Failure on TRUNK

From: Alexander Taler
Subject: Re: OpenBSD 3.6 sparc64 Build Failure on TRUNK
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 12:37:38 -0400

Hash: SHA1

Wed, 15 Jun 2005 12:37:29 EDT
Wed, 15 Jun 2005 12:37:18 EDT

  >> Alexander Taler wrote:

  >> $ make
  >> make all-recursive
  >> Making all in lib
  >> cp ./alloca_.h alloca.h-t
  >> mv alloca.h-t alloca.h
  >> /bin/sh ../build-aux/ylwrap getdate.y y.tab.c getdate.c y.tab.h \
  >>                             getdate.h y.output getdate.output \
  >>   -- /bin/sh \
  >>     /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/build-aux/missing --run bison -y
  >> /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/build-aux/missing --run bison -y
  >> /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/lib/getdate.y:202:
  >> unrecognized: %parse-param
  >> /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/lib/getdate.y:202: Skipping to next
  >> % /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/lib/getdate.y:203:
  >> unrecognized: %lex-param
  >> /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/lib/getdate.y:203: Skipping to next
  >> %
  >> *** Error code 1

  Derek> There are a few issues here:

  Derek> 1. getdate.y from GNULIB requires at least Bison 1.875.

My version 1.35 is the default for OpenBSD.  I'll try and avoid

  Derek> 2. getdate.y shouldn't be recompiled unless it has changed, but
  Derek>       sometimes the timestamps can get munged when checking out of
  Derek>       CVS.

It seems it hasn't changed: 

$ ls -l lib/getdate.*
- -rw-------  1 dissent  dissent  79572 Jun 14 07:57 lib/getdate.c
- -rw-------  1 dissent  dissent    995 Jun 14 07:57 lib/getdate.h
- -rw-------  1 dissent  dissent  38432 Jun 14 07:57 lib/getdate.y

  Derek> 3. When either of the above two problems are not avoided, the
  Derek>       build-aux/missing script is supposed to just update the
  Derek>       timestamps, print a warning message, and exit with a success
  Derek>       code.  This may not happen if your lib/getdate.c file is
  Derek>       actually missing, for instance if you ran a `make
  Derek>       maintainerclean'.

It's not missing as above.  I ran `make realclean', but I
followed it with a `cvs up -d'.

  Derek> If your `missing' script is failing for any reason other than a bad
  Derek> bison AND a missing lib/getdate.c, then I would like to get to the
  Derek> bottom of it.

Well it seems that it's failing for another reason.  I took a
look through missing (and ylwrap) and couldn't find anything that
looked like the date check that you mentioned.  In fact, it seems
missing is being called with --run, which trys to run the command
with no checks at all:

    case "$1" in
      # Try to run requested program, and just exit if it succeeds.
      "$@" && exit 0

Where do you suppose that check should be?

  Derek> Otherwise, your solution should be to update to a more
  Derek> recent Bison (which we assume for anyone willing to run `make
  Derek> maintainerclean'), or pull the current lib/getdate.c from CVS and
  Derek> avoid the rebuild.

I'll try and avoid an upgrade, and I'll be sure not to `make

  Derek> I have documented the Bison 1.875 requirement in HACKING.



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