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RE: CVS + SSH Connection refused

From: Bitter, Ingmar (NIH/CC/DRD)
Subject: RE: CVS + SSH Connection refused
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 11:05:50 -0400

Yes this fixed it. Great! Thanks!


-----Original Message-----
Subject: Re: CVS + SSH Connection refused

"Bitter, Ingmar (NIH/CC/DRD)" writes:
> On my beowulf cluster login node the installed system CVS is 1.11.1p1 and
> doing a 'cvs up' or any other cvs command results in:
> cvs -d :ext:ibitter@xxx.xx.xx.xxx:/raid/cvsrepo up
> xxx.xx.xx.xxx: Connection refused

Older versions of CVS default to rsh for :ext: connections rather than
ssh.  You just need to set $CVS_RSH to ssh.

-Larry Jones

Even if lives DID hang in the balance, it would depend on whose they were.
-- Calvin

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