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Tags with slash character

From: Alan Harder
Subject: Tags with slash character
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 10:37:27 -0700
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Probably this has been found before, but I didn't find it in BUGS or in
a quick search of issue reports on cvshome.org.

I have found that CVS has problems if you use a slash(/) character in
a tag/branch name.  The tag is created ok and you can checkout/update
using that tag.. however, cvs status will then report "Entry Invalid"
and new revisions can't be committed on such a branch.

% cvs update -r RELEASE/1_1 file
P file
% cvs status file
cvs server: file is no longer in the repository
File: file              Status: Entry Invalid

  Working revision:    1.5
  Repository revision: No revision control file
  Sticky Tag:          RELEASE - MISSING from RCS file!
  Sticky Date:         (none)
  Sticky Options:      (none)

1.5 is the correct revision for the RELEASE/1_1 tag, but see how the
sticky tag has been truncated at the slash character.
CVS/Tag has:
CVS/Entries has:
/file/1.5/Tue Jul 26 17:00:25 2005//TRELEASE

Perhaps a problem because Entries file uses slash as a separator?
I'm using cvs 1.11.6 on Solaris with pserver access.

        - Alan

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