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CVS Import Bug - Please Respond

From: Oproescu Bogdan (KTXA 3)
Subject: CVS Import Bug - Please Respond
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 14:13:46 +0200


   Hello Bug-CVS Mailing List, 

   We are working with CVS at Credit Suisse and we have noticed what we think 
is a CVS Bug: 
   when we import a Module repeatedly, call it TestModule for the sake of our 
discussion, into some 
   Repository on our central CVS Server, call it TestRepository, CVS works 

   However, when we introduce the 2nd to Nth CVS Clients into this picture, and 
keep importing 
   this same module TestModule into this same repository TestRepository, from 
possibly different 
   build servers, we get the following errors: 

   1. Error Type 1: 

      [cvs] cvs import: Importing /rep/fnagl/FNDB/agl/FNDB
      [cvs] cvs [import aborted]: cannot rename file 
/rep/fnagl/FNDB/agl/FNDB/,FNDB_T.jar, to /rep/fnagl/FNDB/agl/FNDB/FNDB_T.jar,v: 
No such file or directory
      [cvs] U FNDB/agl/FNDB/component.xml
      [cvs] U FNDB/agl/FNDB/FNDB_T_src.jar
      [cvs] U FNDB/agl/FNDB/FNDB_src.jar
      [cvs] U FNDB/agl/FNDB/build.xml
      [cvs] U FNDB/agl/FNDB/qmbbuildstatus.xml


   2. Error Type 2: 

cvs [checkout aborted]: unexpected '\x45' reading revision number in RCS file 

   This is a very important issue for us because we have nightly builds 
performed from the 
   Files in our CVS Repositories, and this File Corruption is causing a lot of 
our CVS Users
   at Credit Suisse to be stalled and lose considerable time in the process. 

   Please let us know if you can resolve this CVS Bug and also give us 
   an estimate of the effort and length of time required to solve this. 

   All the Best and Cheers, Bogdan 

   Bogdan Oproescu   

   Technology & Services
   Advanced Middleware &
   Development Environments KTXA 3 
   Postfach 600
   CH-8070 Z├╝rich
   Tel.: +41 1 334 6846
   Fax.:+41 1 332 8024
   E-Mail: bogdan.oproescu@credit-suisse.ch
   Internet: http://www.credit-suisse.ch/de/index.html 

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