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Re: Next Steps: CVS Import Bug - Please Respond

From: Bernd Jendrissek
Subject: Re: Next Steps: CVS Import Bug - Please Respond
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 11:10:12 +0200
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On Wed, Aug 10, 2005 at 10:42:59AM +0200, Oproescu Bogdan (KTXA 3) wrote:
>    1. The failures seem to move around at random, but the pattern seems 
>    always to be large .jar files, causing time overlap between 2 or more 
>    parallel CVS Clients into the SAME Module and Repository pair on our 
>    CVS Central Server. Same is true for the import-tag pair on 2 or more 
>    parallel CVS Clients, but I think this is another manifestation of the 
>    first problem, namely that the "cvs import" is not atomic, so 2 or more 
>    parallel CVS Clients will produce this issue, over and over again. 

[Clueless guessing here...]  Are you able to correlate the error
messages with accesses to perhaps the same file from a different client?
If you suspect a race between two rename_file()s, one could well imagine
a first call to succeed, and a subsequent to fail when the source file
is already "renamed away".  ???

>    2. Our CVS Central Server is Unix Solaris 8.0: 
> cvsadmin@su64sr20% uname -i -m -p -r -s -v
> SunOS 5.8 Generic_117350-02 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-480R
> cvsadmin@su64sr20% 

Hmm, from the CVS manual ('info cvs', node Error messages):

`cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot rename file FILE to CVS/,,FILE: Invalid
     This message has been reported as intermittently happening with
     CVS 1.9 on Solaris 2.5.  The cause is unknown; if you know more
     about what causes it, let us know as described in *Note BUGS::.

I wonder if this is related?  Although I think your errno is No such
file or directory (ENOENT), not Invalid argument (EINVAL).

BTW is your repository on a local disk or on an NFS mount?  (Not sure
it's relevant, maybe it helps someone more clueful.)

>    3. I know you have no obligation to agree to fixing this issue 
>    or to agree to any particular outcome, I am simply asking if you 
>    or anyone else in the CVS Open Source Community can help us to 
>    resolve these 2 CVS Bugs: parallel import-import and import-tag. 

No problem; I was just trying to prevent any misunderstanding.  Bear in
mind you may have difficulty getting answers from a group of volunteers
(unless you have paid for support) to questions that indirectly solicit

Good luck.
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