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Socket operation on non-socket using :server: protocol on Windows 2000

From: shogi . cvs . 20 . superconductors
Subject: Socket operation on non-socket using :server: protocol on Windows 2000
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 11:03:52 +0100


When I use CVS 1.12.12 on Windows 2000 with :server: I see the
following error message at the end of each operation:  cvs.exe update:
reading from <server>: Socket operation on non-socket (where <server>
is the name of the server being used).

The cause of this seems to be due to wnt_shutdown_server calling
close() as well as shutdown(). And then trying to read data from the
socket again before calling shutdown(). There are comments in the code
to the effect that SHUTDOWN_SERVER needs to be separated into
different calls for input and output, so I'm submitting a patch to do
just that.

I have retained the SHUTDOWN_SERVER macro for conditional compilation
but defined it to something that won't compile so that it isn't used

I must admit I don't fully understand the conditional compilation code
surrounding all uses of that macro and I don't think that what I am
submitting is a full fix (I can't really tell).

Specifically the location I have replaced SHUTDOWN_SERVER  around line
2119 of buffer.c with three separate calls to shutdown input, output
and close the socket (which should be the same effect as before) is
probably not the correct solution, but hopefully I've provided a good
starting point for a full fix.

I've put in the changed macros for OS2 builds as well but I have no
way of compiling for OS2 and have not made the equivalent changes to
os2_shutdown_server, which I assume suffers the same problem.



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