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Re: strange umlaut problem in cvs

From: Philliph Mau
Subject: Re: strange umlaut problem in cvs
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 14:22:05 +0200
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gnu-cvs@regnis.de schrieb:
Hi Philip,

CVS does not define an encoding to use for file names or commit messages, hence you never should use non-7-bit-ASCII characters in file names or commit messages.

It might work accidently, when you always work on the same platform, but it fails if you are using a different platform.

Best regards,
Thomas Singer

Philliph Mau schrieb:


I get the following message by checking out a cvs project:
"cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot rename file .new.dirk geht to dirk geht
an franz vorber.jpg: Invalid argument"

On the website
http://hea-www.harvard.edu/MST/simul/software/docs/pkgs/cvs/html/cvs_21.html is written, that it is not much known about this error.. I hope you can help me though!?

Well, here are my settings:
Server: Win2000 + SP3 with CVSNT, with ISO8859-1 charset.
Client where I want to check out the project:
SuSE Linux 9.3 with CVS and UTF8.
(Linux nbs1 #1 Tue Jul 19 12:42:37 UTC 2005 i686
i686 i386 GNU/Linux)
I think, the problem is not cvsnt specific. It sohould also be wrong in cvs for unix.

When I check out the project from the Server, it displays the upper
error message when cvs starts downloading the file with a umlaut:
"dirk geht to dirk geht an franz vorüber.jpg"
For this file, CVS generates the file "*.new.dirk geht" what is not
correct! After that, cvs stops downloading the files from the server.

When I change the charset in fstab for this partition to iso8859-1, all
umlauts were not displayed correctly ("ä" gets "?"...), but the checkout
succeeds. But I want a whole checkout with correct umlauts from Win2k to
my Linux machines.

I hope you cann help me? Maybe this is a bug in cvs?
Maybe you can suggest an solution for my case?

Bug-cvs mailing list

Okay.. Thank you very much for telling me...
I searched for a long time for this response :)



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