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CVS Source Code Link: CVS Import Bug Resolved

From: Oproescu Bogdan (KMXW 3)
Subject: CVS Source Code Link: CVS Import Bug Resolved
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 12:09:51 +0200


   Hi Larry and all, 

   Thanks for your message below: that's OK, I will 
   download the latest CVS Source Code containing your 
   fix to this CVS Import Bug, and then build this 
   new CVS Package ourselves here at Credit Suisse. 

   I have checked the www.cvshome.org site and 
   I did not find your latest source code there 
   with this fix, so please send me the exact link 
   to where we can download this from. Has it moved
   to http://savannah.nongnu.org in the meantime? 

   Thanks and Regards, Bogdan 

   Bogdan Oproescu   

   Technology & Services
   Advanced Middleware &
   Development Environments KMXW 3 
   Postfach 600
   CH-8070 Z├╝rich
   Tel.: +41 1 334 6846
   Fax.:+41 1 332 8024
   E-Mail: bogdan.oproescu@credit-suisse.ch
   Internet: http://www.credit-suisse.ch/de/index.html

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From: lawrence.jones@ugs.com [mailto:lawrence.jones@ugs.com] 
Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 5:37 PM
To: Oproescu Bogdan (KTXA 3)
Cc: Oproescu Bogdan (KTXA 3); derek@ximbiot.com; bug-cvs@nongnu.org; 
Subject: Re: Next Steps: CVS Import Bug Resolved

"Oproescu Bogdan (KTXA 3)" writes:
>    1. When can we download both binaries for the 
>    new CVS Release for the: 
>       1. CVS Client on Windows XP, and: 
>       2. CVS Server on Solaris 8.0? 

Only the server needs to be updated.  You can always download the source
and build it yourself -- it's a very simple process.

-Larry Jones

I don't like these stories with morals. -- Calvin

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