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CVS on Solaris 10

From: Emil Mikulic
Subject: CVS on Solaris 10
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 11:15:48 +1000
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Hi there.

I've tried building cvs-1.12.11 and cvs-1.12.12 on Solaris 10 and I end
up with a misbehaving binary.

Running "cvs up" produces "cvs update: nothing known about `up'"
Running "cvs import" imports a module named "import"

i.e. "cvs x y" is being interpreted as "cvs x x y"

Both versions of CVS work fine on Solaris 9 and after some digging I
tracked this down to 10 having its own getopt in the base system, which
seems to be behaving in a way that CVS doesn't expect.

I'm guessing this is a known issue?

My local patch is to sabotage the configure script to not find the base
system getopt, so CVS falls back to its own bundled getopt and
everything works fine.

I'm reporting this in the hope that someone will come up with a more
generalised solution and include it in the next release.  =)


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