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RE: Windows CVS Latest + Patch - "version" Command Hangs But :

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: Windows CVS Latest + Patch - "version" Command Hangs But :pserver: Not Busy
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 12:55:56 -0700

Hi Derek,

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> Subject: Re: Windows CVS Latest + Patch - "version" Command
> Hangs But :pserver: Not Busy
> I can't duplicate any of this from a UNIX client.  Are you sure this is
> due to the new cvs clients and not your SSH/pserver setup?  What happens
> when you try to connect to a known working server (update your cvs
> sources from savannah, e.g.)?  Perhaps setting CVS_CLIENT_LOG or
> connecting your debugger would tell you something about the hang?

I expect the UNIX client to be fine and that works to our advantage as IMO
that implies where the problems are not.

My usual CVS client on both Windows and Solaris is CVS 1.11.20; the SSH test
was against the CVS Project archive on Savannah; the :pserver: is against my
internal Solaris Intel CVS 1.11.20 server and archive.  IMO the server setup
are both fine as I test the setup and command work as expected with 1.11.20
and then perform the same command from the same working directory using the and versions.

I'll do the CVS_CLIENT_LOG without comression and email results directly.

> Regards,


> Derek


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