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Re: Help with pam support patching cvs 1.11.17

From: Brian Murphy
Subject: Re: Help with pam support patching cvs 1.11.17
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 19:21:17 +0200
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Grant Stephenson wrote

So do I understand your statement correctly that there is no way to
patch version 1.11.17 (or older) to work with pam?  I really need to add
that to a released version of cvs  maybe patching any 1.11.x might work,
but 1.12.X does not work for our cvs clients.

No it's quite easy to make a patch for the stable series which I guess will
take me a couple of hours to make and test but I am not able/interested in
doing this work right now. The initial patch I made was for the stable series, i think. You could try and find that and see if it works but it was a long time ago. It must be in the archives for this list somewhere. The initial patch did
not include session support.


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Subject: RE: Help with pam support patching cvs 1.11.17

Some of the clients that people use that need to use this cvs server do
not support anything newer than 1.11.17 (eclipse for example) They get
errors about the full path not being included if they try to connect to
a 1.12 server.
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Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 11:03 AM
To: Grant Stephenson
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Subject: Re: Help with pam support patching cvs 1.11.17

Grant Stephenson wrote:

Hi, I am having trouble finding a pam patch for cvs that will apply properly and I can't use a cvs newer than cvs 1.11.17 can you tell me where I can find a patch that will apply properly, and then compile ?

Help would be greatly appreciated.


You can't. Why not use 1.12?


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