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PATCH: validate_repo $cvsroot trailing '/' handling

From: Erik Cumps
Subject: PATCH: validate_repo $cvsroot trailing '/' handling
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 14:25:10 +0200


if you try to run validate_repo with a CVS repository specification 
containing a
trailing '/' character you will get a 'cvs rlog' error for each file the 
script wants to
extract info from.

(I ran my test with cvs 1.11.6 on a linux system with local repository)

This is because the 'process_file' function attempts to clean up its $path 
by removing the content of the $cvsroot variable from the front. This 
fails if the
$cvsroot variable's value contains one or more trailing '/' characters 
(the regexp
fails to match). And this results in an invocation of 'cvs rlog' with a 
'-d' option for
the repository and a filename that is actually an absolute path iso a path 
to the repository.

I know that CVS itself cannot handle trailing '/' characters in a 
repository specification
(at least until version 1.11.6 that is, haven't checked later versions), 
so this problem
is probably only an issue when you invoke validate_repo from the shell 
while using tab-expansion to specify a CVS repository.

So I applied the following trivial fix that I would like to share with 
you. (patch is attached)
It basically adds a last step to the $cvsroot configuration handling which 
removes any
trailing '/' characters.

Erik Cumps

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