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Replace history's "<remote>" with client's IP

From: Marcel Brouillet
Subject: Replace history's "<remote>" with client's IP
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 20:29:10 +0200

I run CVS from several machines via :ext: (ssh) protocol with the
repository on a single server.

When run cvs from a remote machine, I get lines in the history like:
"[...] <remote>/mypath/myfile" and I wish to replace "<remote>" with the
IP of the client.

I changed the occurence of "<remote>" in main.c to be the (C variable)
hostname, and checked the effect of this new build of cvs:
   - on the client: no effect
   - on the server: "<remote>" is replaced with the server's name
This is not what I wanted: I want to have it replaced with the client's

In main.c it states "Keep track of this separately since the client can
change HOSTNAME on the server".

QUESTION: is what I am looking for already implemented (as hinted from
this comment) ?  what is the best way to implement this ?

One option I had in mind was to expand $CVS_RSH to export an evironment
variable which cvs, if set, would use for logging.  Good idea ?  Bad
idea ?


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