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Re: [Cvs-test-results] CVS trunk testing results (BSDI BSD/OS)

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: [Cvs-test-results] CVS trunk testing results (BSDI BSD/OS)
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 20:08:51 -0500 (EST)

Derek Price writes:
> Larry Jones wrote:
> >I was thinking along the same lines, but most of the nightly tests don't
> >deal with large files, so I'm not sure that's a valid test.  It might be
> >better to time just the compression test that does use a large file
> >rather than the entire suite.
> Good point.  Perhaps both would be in order.  Did you have any inkling
> of how you would integrate "time" into sanity.sh?

I was thinking of just a one-time test by hand.

> buf_read_file_eof wraps buf_read_file with a call to stat to set the
> size.  (It actually isn't being used right now as far as I can tell.  I
> just noticed it and was thinking about removing it before you suggested
> it may be needed.)

I don't see any buf_read_file_eof(), although I do see
buf_read_file_to_eof().  It isn't a wrapper around buf_read_file(), it's
a similar function that just reads a block at a time until it reaches
the end, which is actually better since there's no guarantee that the
value returned by stat() is large enough (although it is on all
currently known platforms).

-Larry Jones

Mr. Subtlety drives home another point. -- Calvin

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