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Re: Eclipse-compatible :extssh: method...

From: Jskud
Subject: Re: Eclipse-compatible :extssh: method...
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 08:17:05 -0800

(1) Eclipse now offers improved interoperability -- one can specify
    :ext: for the repository, and then via

        Window->Preferences|>Team|>CVS|>Ext Connection

    have Eclipse process CVS requests with an external program
    (specifing CVS_RSH, parameters, and CVS_SERVER) or have :ext: in the
    CVS file map to :extssh: processing withing Eclipse.

(2) For those who still have or use :extssh: with their files and want
    to interoperate with command line CVS, attached is an update of the
    earlier patch, now against cvs-1.11.17-8.RHEL4.src.rpm.  It also
    fixes a bug -- the mapping table from enums to names was not
    expanded when extssh was introduced.  No, this patch does not have
    documentation or testcases, so I don't expect it to be committed.


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