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Re: regd. CVS Server/Client

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: regd. CVS Server/Client
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 18:32:10 -0500
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Ashutosh Sharma wrote:
[note: I refuse to authenticate for spam filters. Accordingly, I am
responding only to the list. Please turn it off and see
http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/329.html for a detailed
explanation as to why challenge/response mechanisms actually contribute
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> Hi, I have running CVS on Linux,and CVS Tortoise Client on winXP,I
> checked out Project ABC and start working , after doing my work I
> commit whole project ABC for updating my changes,will it cause to
> bring down the CVS SErver on linux machine..

It's rather difficult to help, without being given any indication as to
what error messages you received, if any. Also, exactly which version of
the client and server are you using?

Can you commit parts of the project? Have you tried committing the files
one at a time? Have you tried _anything_ to troubleshoot your problem?
If so, what have you tried?

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