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update -A doesn't clear sticky -kk on modified file

From: James Juran
Subject: update -A doesn't clear sticky -kk on modified file
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 10:39:40 -0500


Our source tree has the $Revision$ keyword in each file.  I've been
developing changes on a branch, and now I want to merge those changes to
the trunk.  So I follow the procedure documented in section 5.10 of the
manual ("Merging and keywords") for avoiding conflicts from the

cvs co -jbranchname -kk modulename

This performs the merge as expected, but leaves my files with a sticky
option of -kk.  So I run

cvs update -A

to clear the sticky tag, but this only clears the sticky tag on
unmodified files.  The modified files are left with -kk as sticky

Classify_File() contains this code, which seems to indicate this this is
the intended behavior:

                if (strcmp (vers->entdata->options ?
                       vers->entdata->options : "", vers->options) == 0)
                    ret = T_MODIFIED;
                    ret = T_NEEDS_MERGE;
                /* Files with conflict markers and new timestamps fall through
                 * here, but they need to.  T_CONFLICT is an error in
                 * commit_fileproc, whereas T_MODIFIED with conflict markers
                 * is caught but only warned about.  Similarly, update_fileproc
                 * currently reregisters a file that was conflicted but lost
                 * its markers.
                ret = T_MODIFIED;
                sticky_ck (finfo, aflag, vers);

Is there any other way to clear a sticky -kk option, and get back to the
default keyword substitution on a modified file?  Is there any hope of
implementing this feature?  If not, would you be interested in a patch
to update the documentation for -A to indicate that it doesn't clear
sticky -k options if the file has been modified?


James Juran

James Juran
Senior Secure Systems Analyst
XTS-400 Operating Systems
BAE Systems Information Technology

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