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Re: [patch #4573] Fix for keyword expansion problem/mis-feature during c

From: Rahul Bhargava
Subject: Re: [patch #4573] Fix for keyword expansion problem/mis-feature during commit
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 16:41:00 -0800
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Sorry to hear that Patrick. Indeed, Subversion implements the
same behavior as the proposed patch.  Subversion allows keywords
properties to be specified to a file. Changes to keyword data are not even
transmitted to server as the local sandbox maintains a copy which is diff'd
against for spurious changes (keywords). Merging and updates also do not generate conflicts with keywords in Subversion. The kwdiff algorithm we had submitted in the patch can enable all these features that Subversion supports. Its a pity that the patch was rejected by CVS maintainers. The algorithm defined in the patch could have been also used to reduce the footprint of a CVS server process when doing RCS diff/compare, that was also
not considered useful.

We have made the patch public, it can be downloaded from -

I am also cc'ing info-cvs mailing list, so that other CVS users wanting Subversion like behavior could
use/modify the patch.

Patrick Richardson wrote:
Follow-up Comment #17, patch #4573 (project cvs):

It is really unfortunate that this bug will not be fixed. There has been no
response to the case I made two and a half months ago FOR fixing the bug. It
absolutely blows my mind that the CVS maintainers will not even consider
implementing this patch as a non-default option.

Since it looks like the CVS maintainers will never fix this problem, I had to
recommend to my company that other alternatives should be evaluated, and if a
suitable alternative is found, we should switch. After a careful evaluation
of several open-source and commercial alternatives, we have decided to switch
to Subversion.

Yes - the Subversion team got it right. Keyword expansion is Subversion works
as CVS would IF the proposed patch were incorporated.


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