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Re: Proposed patch to validate_repo.pl

From: Steven Levine
Subject: Re: Proposed patch to validate_repo.pl
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 21:59:21 GMT

In <mailman.4.1142196197.20614.bug-cvs@nongnu.org>, on 03/12/2006
   at 12:43 PM, "Mark D. Baushke" <mdb@gnu.org> said:

>I have committed your patch to the FEATURE branch of cvs. 
>It will be a part of cvs 1.12.14 whenever that gets released.

Glad you found it useful.

>PS: Please note for future reference that the use of 'bogus.net' in your
>e-mail addresses is a bad idea. There are many discussions about masking
>your domainname with a bogus one on the info-cvs@gnu.org list.

Sorry, my bad.  This was unintended.  I posted via the news interface and
used the wrong template.  This message should have a valid reply-to.



Steven Levine <steve53@earthlink.bogus.net>  MR2/ICE 2.67 #10183
Warp/eCS/DIY/14.103a_W4 www.scoug.com irc.fyrelizard.com #scoug (Wed 7pm PST)

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