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Re: Enabling PAM Authentication for CVS in AIX 5.2

From: brm
Subject: Re: Enabling PAM Authentication for CVS in AIX 5.2
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 23:31:21 +0100
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Abdul Latif, PH.D. wrote:

Hi Brian,
Thank you so much for looking into this.  I had actually mistyped in my
e-mail, and the "--with-hardcoded-pam-service-name=pam" is actually
"--with-hardcoded-pam-service-name=cvs" - I double-checked it in the
config.log file.
Can you think of ANYTHING jumps out at you that I might be doing wrong?

Nothing that jumps out at me. You *have* checked that you
can login with something else (other than cvs) with this
pam configuration?

If so then you need to debug. On linux I would strace inetd
to trace the system calls cvs makes and check that it
opens the pam configuration and look for anything strange.
Another approach is to trace the pam calls in the cvs code and check
that everything looks ok by instrumenting the cvs code in src/server.c.

You can also check your log files, pam on linux usually logs errors.


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