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Problems on OS/2

From: Paul Smedley
Subject: Problems on OS/2
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 16:44:11 -0000
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Hi All,

Earlier today I built latest CVS (1.12.13) on the OS/2 operating 
system using GCC 3.3.5.  With minimal tweaking, I have it downloading 
- the only problem I have is that it fails on filenames that have a 
period at the end of them.

ie from the Sane repository:
U sane-backends/doc/descriptions/template.desc.

cvs tried to rename .new.template.desc. to template.desc. which fails 
as the period isn't valid on OS/2 - the 'temp' file is actually 
written as .new.template.desc

I've already ported this as a potential bug in the rename() function 
on GCC on OS/2 - however wondered if this is also an issue on win32 or
if anyone has ideas on how best to work around this.

I was thinking I could just check the filename and if the last char is
a . then shorted the string by 1 char?



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