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Result of CVS Coverity scan, via NetBSD

From: Hubert Feyrer
Subject: Result of CVS Coverity scan, via NetBSD
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 12:56:55 +0000 (UTC)

Dear maintainer(s) of the CVS project,

as you  may or may not know,  your software is included  in the NetBSD
base  system, and as  such it  was included  in a  recent scan  of the
NetBSD system  by Coverity. We thought  that you may  be interested in
the results regarding your software.

A list of all scan results is available via http://scan.coverity.com/, the 
NetBSD scan results can be found at http://scan.coverity.com:7449/. To 
access them you have to register at Coverity's site. To do so, send email 
to scan-admin.com with the following information:

 * You want access to the NetBSD scan reports
 * Your full name
 * Your email address
 * Phone number
 * Your association with the NetBSD project, and purpose of access:
   this would probably be something like "access CVS scan
   results as part of the NetBSD scan - NetBSD includes the
   CVS sources"

If you can find and fix any problems in your software, that would be
great. If you want to communicate any changes you find and fix in your
software towards NetBSD, so we can incorporate them directly (instead
of in the next import of the next CVS release), please talk to
the people who are responsible for CVS in NetBSD - this would
esp. be appreciated if you think a problem is security relevant. The
responsible parties for CVS in NetBSD can be reached at the
following mail address(es): 

Your files can be found in NetBSD in the following path:

If you want to talk to Coverity to get your own project scanned 
on its own, please feel free to do so. NetBSD will get your
fixes via the next update of our sources then.

Information about Coverity can be found at http://www.coverity.com,
information about NetBSD can be found at http://www.NetBSD.org, the NetBSD 
CVS repository is available via http://cvsweb.NetBSD.org/.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Kind regards,

          Hubert Feyrer
          The NetBSD Project

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