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Unable to run cvs server

From: Julien . QUESTER
Subject: Unable to run cvs server
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 10:34:39 -0500

Good morning.

I have a problem setting  a CVS server on Windows XP. I have downloaded 
the latest stable cvs.exe version (cvs-1-11-21) and the matching 
documentation cederqvist-1.11.21.pdf on http://cvs.nongnu.org

Reading the documentation, I have found that, in the Chapter Appendix B: 
Quick Reference to CVS Commands, the following server commands are 
- kserver
- pserver
- server

On the other hand, my cvs.exe does not recognize these options so that I 
cannot run my server. In the institution I am working in, it is forbidden 
to install any software so I cannot install CVSNT nor TortoiseCVS etc ... 
the helper of CVS sendsn me the following message:

Unknown command: `server'

CVS commands are:
        add          Add a new file/directory to the repository
        admin        Administration front end for rcs
        annotate     Show last revision where each line was modified
        checkout     Checkout sources for editing
        commit       Check files into the repository
        diff         Show differences between revisions
        edit         Get ready to edit a watched file
        editors      See who is editing a watched file
        export       Export sources from CVS, similar to checkout
        history      Show repository access history
        import       Import sources into CVS, using vendor branches
        init         Create a CVS repository if it doesn't exist
        log          Print out history information for files
        login        Prompt for password for authenticating server
        logout       Removes entry in .cvspass for remote repository
        rannotate    Show last revision where each line of module was 
        rdiff        Create 'patch' format diffs between releases
        release      Indicate that a Module is no longer in use
        remove       Remove an entry from the repository
        rlog         Print out history information for a module
        rtag         Add a symbolic tag to a module
        status       Display status information on checked out files
        tag          Add a symbolic tag to checked out version of files
        unedit       Undo an edit command
        update       Bring work tree in sync with repository
        version      Show current CVS version(s)
        watch        Set watches
        watchers     See who is watching a file
(Specify the --help option for a list of other help options)

Could you please help me to set my CVS server ?

Thank you



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