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Re: Two head revisions?

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Two head revisions?
Date: Thu, 04 May 2006 07:19:04 -0400
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Derek R. Price wrote:
> My prediction was pretty exact.

As the Australians say, good on you!

> I couldn't predict the 1.3 diff
> contents since they had been recalculated and overwritten by the
> second commit (maybe it would have been possible if I had thought
> about it longer, but I didn't try), and it turned out to have an empty
> diff, meaning the original 1.4 revision was a force-commit of the same
> data from 1.3 with a new log message.

Hmmm... could there be an as-yet undiscovered bug in force-commits,
maybe? I'll have a look over the code to see if anything looks suspicious.

With respect to the other sub-thread where locking issues are discussed
- - when was LockDir added? Could there be a second server process
running, an older version which doesn't understand LockDir? Given what
you've described about the shop, it doesn't sound likely.

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