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RE: problems building feature release on windows

From: Kelly F. Hickel
Subject: RE: problems building feature release on windows
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 09:41:27 -0500

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> Subject: RE: problems building feature release on windows
> Kelly F. Hickel writes:
> >
> >    RCS_magicrev -- 95.13%
> Exactly as I suspected.
> > RCS_magicrev is called 422 times in this test, it calls walklist
> > (func=checkmagic_proc) 344,393 times.
> Which implies that you tagged 422 files, each of which has, on
> average, about 800(!) existing branches.  I think most people
> would consider 20 to be "a lot", which is why it hasn't been an
> issue before.

 [Kelly F. Hickel] Yep, I already knew the issue was in the number of
branches we have (one file I checked had 1800 tags, probably half of
them were branches).  And I was sure that I needed to "help" the tag
search, but your earlier post gave me enough information to come up with
a fix.  I'm testing the patches now for both stable and feature.
Assuming they pass sanity.sh (which seems quite likely, they're small,
simple patches) I'll post them here, should be later today.

On one test using our repo, the patched exe (debug build running on
windows against a local repo copy) took 6 min, 11 sec to branch a
portion of the repo.  The unpatched .exe (same situation) is still
running, it's been over an hour and it's got a long way to go.....

> -Larry Jones
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Kelly F. Hickel
Senior Software Architect
MQSoftware, Inc

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