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Re: Problem with Windows 1.12.13 binary

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Problem with Windows 1.12.13 binary
Date: Thu, 04 May 2006 14:14:12 -0400
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Jim Hyslop <jhyslop@dreampossible.ca> writes:
>>> The 1.12.13 Windows binary I provided a few months back has a
> problem,
>>> in that 'cvs co' does not check out any files, only
>>> directories. 'cvs update' seems to work OK. Should we remove
>>> the binary from the
> download
>>> site until I get it fixed?
> Is it a problem with the sources or with the way they were built?
> If the former, then the only way to get it fixed will be to release
> a cvs or 1.12.14. Both of which have the new OpenPGP
> patch still being shaken down, so it may be a another month yet
> before everything is clean.
>>> 1.11.21 works OK.
>>> After I fix it, I think I will focus on getting sanity.sh
>>> working
> with
>>> the Windows binary.
> An interesting idea. How will this be accomplished? Using CygWin
> perhaps?

I've actually gotten sanity.sh working under Cygwin in the past and
run it recently, but only with a CVS executable compiled under
Cygwin.  The major differences were some quirkiness with the Cygwin
permissions and maybe a few other items - grep for "Cygwin" in
sanity.sh for more.

I started working on getting the script to work with a CVS executable
compiled with MSVC (for now, mCVS) four or five years ago as well.  I
didn't spend very long at it.  As I recall, the major blocker at the
time was the fact that the mCVS executable prints its paths with a
strange mix of forward and back slashes used as file separators, which
really hoses matching against the current regular expressions in
sanity.sh.  Any fix to those using something like our usual $VAR to
sub for slashes would almost certainly be very messy, but I can
imagine that something like a hook in dotest*() that replaces all back
slashes in output with forward slashes might be a simple fix, perhaps
only when back slash is detected as a local path separator somehow.


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