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Re: Is CVS development still active ?

From: Brian Murphy
Subject: Re: Is CVS development still active ?
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 21:37:26 +0200
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

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Yves Dorfsman <yves@zioup.com> writes:

Is CVS development still active ?


Will we ever see 1.12 make it to stable ?

Yes. See URL:
for the list of dependencies.

What does it take to get a patch included in the three.


Test cases and general agreement that the patch is needed.

I hit a problem with PAM/ldap on Solaris, and ended using this patch
to solve it:


Yup. I believe Brian Murphy took care of that on 2005-10-16 in the
FEATURE branch which was almost two weeks after 1.12.13 was released.

Brian? If you applied #4488 to the FEATURE branch, could you please
close the bug?

But I was wondering the chances of it to make it to the trunk, and the
likely timeline.

I believe it is already present... (at least the part that made sense).
I am not sure if the 'pam_set_item (pamh, PAM_RUSER, pam_username);' code
was used or not.

You may checkout your own copy of the cvs top-of-tree sources
Check out the 'CVS' link on the https://savannah.nongnu.org/cvs/?group=cvs

It was reported as a bug here:


and as a patch. Not knowing how the patch section should work I just let it alone
in case it was useful to someone. How *should* it be used?

As you can see a patch has been committed to the feature branch and should
work without further changes.


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