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Merge issue using client 1.11.21 and server 1.11.17

From: Jensen, Chris
Subject: Merge issue using client 1.11.21 and server 1.11.17
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 17:26:42 -0700

I ran into a strange issue trying to do a merge.

Using the 1.11.21 client delivered with Fedora Core 5
and a server running 1.11.17 (using pserver), cvs would
not identify merge conflicts.

Grepping through the merged files found the conflicts.

The client also allowed committing without resolving the
conflicts, but the files with conflicts were not committed.

No warnings or errors were displayed.  Commits of those
files with conflicts simply resulted in a no-op, as if there
were no differences.  CVS diffs also showed no differences
when they did exist.

It took a few merge attempts to figure out that the problem
even existed.

I downloaded and installed the 1.11.17 client and confirmed
that it didn't have this problem.

Am I wrong in assuming that the 1.11.21 client should work
with the 1.11.17 server?


Chris Jensen
Software Engineering Manager,
Product Development
Classmates Online, Inc.

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