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Re: Merge issue using client 1.11.21 and server 1.11.17

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Merge issue using client 1.11.21 and server 1.11.17
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2006 23:22:08 -0400
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Jensen, Chris wrote:
> Actually, I was able to reproduce the issue.  It's not user error as
> there were not conflicts checked into CVS before the merge.

OK, that's good. Er, good that you're able to reproduce the error, that
is :=)

> Executing the same steps and only changing the client version produces
> two different results.

Can you please post the exact command sequence you're issuing?

> Conflicts exist in the sandbox but not in the
> repository with the 1.11.21 client, there's no notification about the
> conflicts when checking in the merged files, but the conflicts are never
> committed.  The files with conflicts remain in the pre-merge state in
> the repository.

How do you know there are conflicts? After the merge but before
committing, what does 'cvs status -v' show on one of the conflicting
files? What about 'cvs diff'?

Detailed information (without getting too verbose) will greatly help
diagnose the problem.

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