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[patch #5155] acl (access control list) extension feature patch

From: Baris Sahin
Subject: [patch #5155] acl (access control list) extension feature patch
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 07:25:08 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, patch #5155 (project cvs):

> This patch appears to remove some recent changes to the .....
my checkedout copy of ccvs wat not the latest, will just remove those lines.

> The indentation for the lines added via patch.diff....
i will replace tabs with spaces, editor will do it easily.

> Additions to the client/server protocol need to be discussed....
actually there is not much changes to client/server protocol, it will just
setuid when CVSServerRunAsUser keyword is set.

> In general, it would be nice to understand if there is any
> functional overlap between CVSNT...
it does almost same thing with cvsnt, but the logic is different. Also
permissions and usage is very different.

> It is highly desirable that you include doc/cvs.texi...
which tool i should use to modify these documentation files? Then i will edit

> I am concerned that this FEATURE seems to make use of a set-uid or set-gid
cvs executable ...
I only use setuid when CVSServerRunAsUser keyword is set, it switch to
specified user in server.c file, then other controls apply in server.c. So, i
think it will not be a problem, ?

> Please replace code constructs like ...
Ok, will replace all these lines, didn't see new Xasprintf().

> If I understand the code correctly, there are times when a
> file called 'access' could be sprinkled throughout the
> repository...
access file is normally under $CVSROOT. But when UseSeparateACLFileForEachDir
keyword is set to yes, one access file is created for each directory in
repository. I am not sure about this that is it needed or not. I thought
about big repositories (thousands of files and directories and lots of acl
definitions so a big access file...). When access file is very big, it may
slow down cvs actions. Dont sure about it. ?
Actually, if access files under each directory are copied, acl definitions
will also be copied, but i dont know cvsup will copy access files, will check

> I suspect that the contrib/validate_repo.pl will need some
> updates...
I may do changes....


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