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Re: stdint vs cycle-check.h

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: stdint vs cycle-check.h
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 13:56:09 -0700
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"Mark D. Baushke" <mdb@gnu.org> writes:

> is it desirable to make those modules depend on stdint.m4 and avoid the
> HAVE_STDINT_H macro?

Yes, I think so, in the long run.  But in the short run, stdint.m4 is
not yet reliable enough (as you're finding out with SGI), and some
packages don't want to rely on it for that reason.

For cycle-check.h I'd think this wouldn't be a problem, since
cycle-check.h uses this Autoconf-recommended sequence:

#  include <inttypes.h>
# endif
#  include <stdint.h>
# endif

and this should work on SGI.  If this doesn't actually work for you,
or if there is a problem with some other gnulib source file that uses
HAVE_STDINT_H, please let us know.

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