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Re: Modifications to sanity.sh to support MSVC binary

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Modifications to sanity.sh to support MSVC binary
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 14:59:30 -0400
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Derek R. Price wrote:
> Jim Hyslop wrote:
>>>$msvc_binary will only be set to true if the user passes a new
>>>command-line argument, and if `uname | grep CYGWIN` returns true.
> Why would you need both of these checks?  Or would the script abort out
> of politeness if it got the option to use Windows paths and it wasn't
> running under Cygwin?

Ah, this is one of the complicating factors. Under Cygwin, we could be
testing either the MSVC binary or the Cygwin binary. Cygwin behaves in
the way the script expects.

I also have a check in the command-line parsing of the new flag (--msvc
or -m). The script prints a warning and ignores the option if it is
specified under a non-Cygwin environment.

> This looks good, except if you are only going to convert the
> $CVSROOT_DIRNAME portion of the path, I might suggest that only doing it
> once, like:
>       CVSROOT_DIRRE=`posix_to_hostpath_regex $CVSROOT_DIRNAME`
> and then replacing uses of $CVSROOT_DIRNAME with $CVSROOT_DIRRE in the
> dotest calls might be more succinct.

Yeah, I was actually converting the whole path, but the Windows binary
seems to be pretty consistent in using forward slashes outside the path
specified in CVS/Root, so I will likely use a regex version like you

BTW, am I correct in calling it a POSIX path, or should it be UNIX path?

Jim Hyslop
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