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cvs update -C does not fetch clean copy of conflicted files

From: sbush
Subject: cvs update -C does not fetch clean copy of conflicted files
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 17:38:26 -0700

Recently, we updated our massively old CVS server to a new machine and, at
the same time, upgraded to the latest cvs version.

The old version was 1.11.1p1
The new version is 1.11.22 (when first migrated, it was 1.11.21... I have
since upgraded it)

Whenever we have a conflicted file, specifying to retrieve the clean copy
(using the -C update flag) does not work:

$ cd /somedirectory
$ cvs update
C somefile
M someotherfile

$ cvs update -C
(Locally modified someotherfile moved to .#someotherfile.1.2)
C somefile
U someotherfile

Although the nonconflicted file is replaced, the conflicted file is not.
This does not seem to be the correct behavior since if I'm asking for a
clean copy, I'm expecting all changes to be removed, conflicted or

I've looked through the cvs-bug archives and found some references to the
Conflict handling on the server changing recently
http://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/bug-cvs/2006-06/msg00002.html and
Neither message thread specifically deals with what I am seeing here, so I
was hoping someone could either point me in the correct direction or
otherwise lend some tips.


PS.  The first thread apparently originated from a different mailing list,
but this wasn't particularly helpful:

"I have moved this discussion to the bug-cvs mailing list. For folks just
joining this problem, look on the address@hidden list archives."

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