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Re: gserver bug: :gserver:user@host:/path ignores "user" part...

From: Marc W. Mengel
Subject: Re: gserver bug: :gserver:user@host:/path ignores "user" part...
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 13:22:15 -0500
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Having not heard anything back about this in over a month, I submitted
a patch via the bugtracker on savannah.nongnu.org...  Is there somewhere
else I should be submitting this?!?

Marc W. Mengel wrote:
When using cvs with a CVSROOT of :gserver:user@host:/path, the gss-api
code ignores the "user" part.   It should check, and log in as, the
mentioned user, as rsh, ssh, etc. do.

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