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UPDATE: Ownerships in the Repository

From: Vladimir Woelfl
Subject: UPDATE: Ownerships in the Repository
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 20:47:21 +0200
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I apologize, i forgot to mention: is changing all directories recursively to SetGID my only option, or is there some way to tell the cvspserver to use a cetain UID/GID and/or permissions when creating/updating files in the repository?

Thank You again,


We have a problem with our cvs server: it constantly sets ownerships on
files added/commited to a username&groupname of the user that uploaded
the stuff to the repository, instead of making them owned by  user cvs
and group cvs.
Server is 1.12.12, clients vary across machines. Also worth mentioning,
we migrated the whole repository from an old server to the current one.
I have been looking around docs&net, but didn't find any permanent fix
for this.
Any help please?

Thank You,

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