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1.11.22 and MSVC

From: Sergei Antonov
Subject: 1.11.22 and MSVC
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 13:26:01 +0400

I've found several bugs in cvs-1.11.22 under Windows using MSVC 6.0 and 8.0.

BUG #1
   free (cvs_password);
in src/login.c
and line
free (password);
in src/client.c

both free the same buffer, so, when the "login" command is being executed,
"free (cvs_password);" tries to free an already freed pointer. Debug runtime
checks in MSVC catch this.

BUG #2
cvs.exe compiled for 64-bit Windows cannot set correct filetime during the
checkout command. The most correct way to fix this is to add preprocessor
definition HAVE_SYS_UTIME_H to all relevant .dsp files. MSVC (at leat
6.0and later) does have sys/utime.h.

BUG #3
All .dsw and .dsp files must have \r\n line ends instead of \n line ends.
Without that Visual Studio doesn't open them.

I also tried to compile the latest ccvs from the repository using MSVC 8.0.
I didn't succeed but found two errors in windows-NT/dirent.c in lines
 dirp = xmalloc (sizeof DIR);
     dp = xmalloc (sizeof struct _dircontents);
According to C standard, sizeof operand which is a type must be

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