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PATCH contrib/log (fixes taint problems)

From: Kenneth Dombrowski
Subject: PATCH contrib/log (fixes taint problems)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 10:55:34 -0400
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Attached is a patch for contrib/log (as found in the cvs-1.12.13 source)

It is generated with `diff -c` (...I think that is all that is

It fixes the tainted data problems 

To overcome the taint checks, ENV{PATH} is set to /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin, 
so if a Mail is not found there, a symlink will be necessary 

It also corrects the FIXME notes re: allowing multiple -f options (to
support logging to multiple files 

It also no longer requires a -f option (having to add -f /dev/null to
send an email always bugged me) 

The log message header is formatted a little differently, and is now
printed to STDOUT (without the status stuff) unless the new -q switch is
present.  I hope the format change won't break too many parsing scripts,
but I always wanted to modify it to add module/server/cvsroot data 

There is now an example loginfo line showing how to both write to a log
& send an email for each commit 

the log message is written to disk before attempting to open the pipe to
the mail program (and written to STDOUT before trying to open the file
on disk), so they are no longer inter-dependant 

comments are welcome, please be aware I am not subscribed to this list 

Kenneth Dombrowski 

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