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Re: cvs.texinfo updates? add/remove/tag

From: Kevin R. Bulgrien
Subject: Re: cvs.texinfo updates? add/remove/tag
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 16:13:45 -0500
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The attached patch may be freely redistributed.

This patch creates sections in cvs.1 for the add and remove commands.
I attempted to duplicate precedents of style and content, and copy/
pasted applicable segments of text to assure consistent wording, but
please feel free to alter it or make suggestions for a resubmission.

The patch also modifies one other example slightly because it messed
up vim's syntax highlighting from the point at which it occurred to the
end of the file.  While this may be a vim syntax highlighter issue, the
example is readable in the current form, and does not affect vim's
highlighting.  In essence, when a command is literally written:

  some_command | \

In Bash, the prompting is as follows:

  $ some_command | \
  > some_other_command

The example previously used:

  $ some_command | \
  $$ some_other_command

This was likely a legitimate example for some other shell, but it did
have the unfortunate effect of breaking vim's syntax highlighting.

On a side note, it amused me to learn why something I did last
week didn't work.  I guess there  is a ten-year old bug in cvs.
The cvs add -m option does not appear to have any effect.

  $ grep -A1 "BUG.*-m" cvs.texinfo
  @c As noted in BUGS, -m is broken client/server (Nov
  @c 96).  Also see testsuite log2-* tests.

Should I replicate the @c near my new man page sections and

Kevin R. Bulgrien

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