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Re: cvs.texinfo updates? add/remove (3rd version of patch)

From: Kevin R. Bulgrien
Subject: Re: cvs.texinfo updates? add/remove (3rd version of patch)
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 00:30:59 -0500
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This patch may be freely distributed,  and is made against the
current revision of cvs.texinfo in CVS.

Ok, here is a third resubmission of this patch that implements
the suggestion to change the title for "add" to refer to both files
and directories.

The scope of the patch has increased.  Since I submitted a
patch to mkman.pl, I reviewed all @*ref{} references in the
man page section, and performed a number of minor
improvements as follows (the changes are generally only
grammatical and do not affect content):

1) "@xref{}" changed to "See @ref{}" when it occurs at the
beginning of a sentence so that capitalization is corrected.

2) "see @ref{}" changed to "@xref{}" when occurring mid-
sentence and added a comma as needed.

3) "@ref{}" changed to "@xref{}" where mkman.pl change
removed a necessary "see".

4)  Made some white space more consistent after "WARNING:"
by inserting one space.   Also here and there, white space
added between a period and the first word of the next
sentence was increased to two spaces to improve consistency
with other text format.  I was not "rabid" about this, and only
changed items I spotted while working other issues.

5) Generally removed grammatically incorrect comma after
@ref{}.  For example:

@@ -8874,7 +8877,7 @@

 @item -k @var{kflag}
 Override the default processing of RCS keywords other than
-@samp{-kb}.  @xref{Keyword substitution}, for the meaning of
+@samp{-kb}.  See @ref{Keyword substitution}, for the meaning of
 @var{kflag}.  Used with the @code{checkout} and @code{update}
 commands, your @var{kflag} specification is
 @dfn{sticky}; that is, when you use this option

6) A few instances of "," changed to "." where the cross-
reference appeared to be a new sentence because the "See"
was capitalized.

7) Changed some instances of "@ref{}" to (@pxref{}) where
it made the text more readable.

8) Added missing ")" for some "@pxref{}".

9) In some cases,  placement of cross-reference improved for
readability.  For example:

-and placing the file in the Attic (@pxref{Attic}) directory.
+and placing the file in the Attic directory (@pxref{Attic}).

10) One clunky paragraph reworked to remove personal
references,  and to improve readability.

@@ -11566,9 +11661,9 @@
 @strong{WARNING:  The @code{release} command deletes
 all directories and files recursively.  This
 has the very serious side-effect that any directory
-that you have created inside your checked-out sources,
-and not added to the repository (using the @code{add}
-command; @pxref{Adding files}) will be silently deleted---even
+created inside checked-out sources, and not added to
+the repository (using the @code{add} command;
+@pxref{Adding files}) will be silently deleted---even
 if it is non-empty!}
 @end table

11) Some "See also, cross-reference." changed to 
"See also:  cross-reference."

I believe that about covers the edits, other than the addition of
the "add" and "remove" sections that were in the prior patch.

This time I'll also include a context diff of cvs.1 to make it easier
for people to review the patch particulars.  I do not intend for
the cvs.1 diff to be used as a patch.

Kevin R. Bulgrien

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