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Re: conflicts4 check FAIL 1.11.22

From: Yukihiro Kawada
Subject: Re: conflicts4 check FAIL 1.11.22
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 10:45:08 +0900

Hi Mark

umask 002 ; ./sanity.sh -r `pwd`/cvs conflicts4

is "OK, all 15 tests passed."
not umask 022.

Thank you,

2006/8/22, Mark D. Baushke <mdb@gnu.org>:

        umask 022 ; ./sanity.sh -r `pwd`/cvs conflicts4

also fix your problem without the patch to sanity.sh ?
If so, then we probably need to fix the umask being used
in sanity.sh for this test.

Yukihiro KAWADA

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