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Re: mkman.pl patch

From: Kevin R. Bulgrien
Subject: Re: mkman.pl patch
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 23:41:43 -0500
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> > @xref{}.  Not beautiful, but it does work for cvs.1.  I did make
> > maintainer-clean to remove the old mkman script, did a ./configure,
> Incidentally, as Mark Baushke tried to point out, if you `configure
> --enable-maintainer-mode', then `make' should automatically rebuild
> doc/cvs.1 when one of its sources is touched.  You should not then need
> to call `make maintainer-clean'.
> Cheers,
> Derek

Derek, thanks for restating.  The lights just came on.  I had tried but not
succeeded for one reason or another, and I sort of went with doing what I
knew worked even if it was inconvenient since I thought it might take less
time to do it the hard way than figure it out myself.  I tried a couple of 
but did not succeed at doing the right thing in the right place.  Maybe I didn't
even read the post well enough.  That makes perfect sense now.  Thanks
for taking the time to tell me again because it will help me me be a better
able to contribute to the community.


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