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Incorrect comment in cvs_acls.pl POD

From: Reed Loden
Subject: Incorrect comment in cvs_acls.pl POD
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 11:53:13 -0500

Under the "Version Information" section of cvs_acls.pl's POD, there is
an error:

"The 'cvsacl' file flags of 'allow' and 'deny' were intentionally 
changed to 'allow' and 'deny' because there are enough differences 
between the original script's behavior and this one's that we wanted to
make sure that users will rethink their 'cvsacl' file formats before
plugging in this newer script."

The first "'allow' and 'deny'" should really be "'avail' and 'unavail'".

It confused me for a second when reading it originally until I
remembered that the old cvs_acls script used "avail" and "unavail".

Just thought I should report it. :)


Reed Loden - <reed@reedloden.com>

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