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[patch #5911] CVS 1.12.13 - fixed memory leaks errors reported by valgri

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: [patch #5911] CVS 1.12.13 - fixed memory leaks errors reported by valgrind/memcheck
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 19:04:51 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, patch #5911 (project cvs):

The patch to add.c is okay, but would be more efficient if put
before the 'goto skip_this_file;' statement where it is certain
that vers is not NULL.

The patch to admin.c is wrong as getgrnam() returns a pointer
to an internal static object and that pointer should NOT be
free()d. This code was also moved into subr.c::is_admin() in
the main trunk

The patches to checkout.c, diff.c, find_names.c, import.c, ls.c
all look good (modulo formatting in a few cases).

The edit.c patches to find_editors_and_output() and edit_fileproc()
were still good. The others had already been fixed.

A comment was desirable in hash.c::mergelists() possibly
something like:
        /* If the node is already in the list, then free
           the duplicate which was not inserted. */

In history.c, there is no need to check fname for non-NULL before
doing the free() on it. Also, the memset() in read_hrecs_file()
after the xnrealloc() call seems wrong to me.

Why are you zeroing out hrec_max bytes?
I would have thought you would want to zero the records that
were added to the overall structure (i.e., the last
HREC_INCREMENT * sizeof (struct href) bytes) if they needed
to be initialized at all.

I still have to go through your patches to main.c,
parseinfo.c, rcs.c, sanity.sh, subr.c, tag.c, and update.c
which I have only glanced at so far. However, I thought you
might be able to address the history.c questions.


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