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using unicode filenames in CVS

From: Manuel Polling
Subject: using unicode filenames in CVS
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 16:59:55 +0200
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Hello all,

Is CVS capable of dealing with unicode filenames?
If so, is it advisable to use those kinds of names when you are using
some other tools that deal with CVS as well? (for instance Eclipse,
lincvs, cvsnt,...)

I am asking because we seem to be getting some strange issues since
someone committed files with an æ (that's ae) and an euro sign in the
file name.

I could not find any info about this on the ximbiot.com web-site.

drs. Manuel Polling
Consultant/Software Engineer
Edmond Research & Development B.V.
/The Document Solutions Specialist/

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