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Problem with Entries file

From: Matt Dowding
Subject: Problem with Entries file
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 12:41:03 -0000



I have a problem with CVS.  The server side is running CVS 1.12.12 on Suse
Linux, and the client side is running CVS 1.11.12 on Solaris 9.


When I check out my project (using cvs co <modulename>) I get all of the
files correctly.  However, the CVS/Entries file under one of the
sub-directories in incorrect and just contains a single line with a D in it.
This faulty subdirectory contains two subdirectories but no files.


I can happily make changes to the code and check it in, but when I try to
create a tag recursively from the top level directory (using cvs tag -R
<tag>) the files under the subdirectory with the incorrect CVS/Entries file
are not updated.


Is this a known issue or has someone seen this before?






Matt Dowding

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