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man page is wrong

From: Thiago Jung Bauermann
Subject: man page is wrong
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 18:47:04 -0200


The CVS man page says that the -D option to the update command implies
-P, but I find it to be different in practice. This can be demonstrated
with the GDB CVS repository:

1. Checkout anonymous GDB CVS tree as instructed here:


2. After the checkout, verify that the directory libdecnumber exists and
has source code files in it.

3. Go back some months:

$ cvs update -D 2007-05-05

4. Note that the libdecnumber directory exists but has no source code
(just two subdirectories, which also don't have source code).

5. Update using -P option this time:

$ cvs update -D 2007-05-05 -P

6. Note that there is no libdecnumber directory anymore (which is

Since results from step 4 and step 6 are different, -D does not imply -P
as the man page says. I don't know whether the CVS behaviour is wrong or
the man page is wrong.

This is with CVS version 1.12.13.
Thiago Jung Bauermann
Software Engineer
IBM Linux Technology Center

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