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Re: Eclipse, cvs, and extssh

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Eclipse, cvs, and extssh
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 15:48:46 +0100
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Hi Mark,

> This is to advise you that I have committed the patches which should
> help Eclipse users of cvs 1.11.23 (at such time as it is released).
>   cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.savannah.nongnu.org:/sources/cvs \
>     checkout -rcvs1-11-x-branch ccvs

Thank you. It is better: Features #1 (extssh in the enumeration) and #2
(:extssh: is recognized when it occurs in CVS/Root) are now implemented.
And when I have CVS_RSH set to "ssh", it works. But when I have CVS_RSH not
set, "cvs log" just hangs. "pstree" and "ps" show that it's waiting on an
rsh command:

       │         ├─xterm───bash─┬─cvs-1.11.xx───cvs-1.11.xx───rsh

haible    7946  0.0  0.0   5592   784 pts/3    S+   15:02   0:00 cvs-1.11.xx 
log plugin.xml
haible    7947  0.0  0.0   5584   284 pts/3    S+   15:02   0:00 cvs-1.11.xx 
log plugin.xml
root      7948  0.0  0.0  11348   888 pts/3    S+   15:02   0:00 rsh -l bhaible 
dev.eclipse.org cvs server

This is for cvs 1.11.xx branch.

For cvs 1.12.xx it hangs the same way, if I set CVS_RSH=rsh:

     │         ├─xterm───bash─┬─cvs-1.12.xx───cvs-1.12.xx───rsh

> If you use the default configure, RSH_DFLT will be "ssh" which should
> mean that :extssh: would use ssh as the transport.

Only in cvs 1.12.xx. In cvs 1.11.xx, apparently not:
  $ grep RSH_DFLT config.h
  #define RSH_DFLT "rsh"

And the :extssh: should also work if someone has configured it with
or if CVS_RSH is set to "rsh".

> --- src/client.c        19 Dec 2007 20:44:15 -0000      1.318.4.46
> +++ src/client.c        24 Jan 2008 18:36:05 -0000
> @@ -4795,7 +4795,7 @@ start_rsh_server (root, to_server, from_
>      int child_pid;
>      if (!cvs_rsh)
> -       cvs_rsh = "rsh";
> +       cvs_rsh = RSH_DFLT;
>      if (!cvs_server)
>         cvs_server = "cvs";

That was just a consistency fix; it did not change the behaviour in the
default case.

So, what's still missing, is part #3: Use "ssh" as remote shell,
regardless of the CVS_RSH environment variable. This is the point of
"extssh", as I explained in

This attached patches do it (both tested).


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