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[bug #22781] cvs update (1.11.22 on Windows) uploads excessive numbers o

From: Nelson B Bolyard
Subject: [bug #22781] cvs update (1.11.22 on Windows) uploads excessive numbers of files after daylight saving time changes
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2008 00:46:36 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #5, bug #22781 (project cvs):

The attached zip file contains a patch, a cvs diff for cvs1-11-x-branch.

The patch has Windows line endings, and will need to be converted to Unix
line endings if it is going to be applied on a Unix box. 

This version of the patch:
- adds summary descriptions to the various ChangeLog files
- removes the files Windows/JmgStat.[ch], rather than modifying them, because
those functions are no longer necessary, no longer used, and were producing 
incorrect results on FAT file systems.  
- Adjusts all the Makefiles and windows "project" files, but the changes to 
the project files are untested because I don't use them.  The nmake
(*.mak) work with MSVC 8 and the free version, MSVC 2005 Express.

I look forward to working with those who will evaluate this patch for
inclusion in cvs 1.11.x.  


(file #15405)

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