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CVSNT Server

From: Harris, Sam
Subject: CVSNT Server
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 15:57:54 -0400

We have lately developed a problem with our CVSNT Server. The server is
constantly re-booting and as such it is busy all the time.
Our systems group has bounced it several times, but it only goes back
into re-booting and remains busy.
We have asked Microsoft about the problem and received the following
"I searched our database and found that we had 1 other customer who was
having the exact same issue as you, caused by the exact same file. The
resolution in that case was as follows: The customer limited
multi-threaded operation of the lunbuild application to a single thread
and the error stopped. I'm not quite sure how to tell you where to make
that change at since that involved a 3rd party product, but as we
discussed, you are going to talk to you application developer about
this, and from there, you may need to contact the vendor of the CVNTS
application to find out how to make this change."
Do you have any idea what they mean?
How do I make the suggested change? 

Harris, Samuel W.   BS,  MSCIS
Software Configuration Manager
Software and Web Development Branch
CDRH Office of Information Technology
Food and Drug Administration
Oak-8/Room 106
 240-276-0622  Fax 240-276-0671

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