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Re: A second cvs checkout (or export) clears file locks :-(

From: Sami Salonen
Subject: Re: A second cvs checkout (or export) clears file locks :-(
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 14:14:22 +0300

Larry wrote:

>"Denniston, Todd A CIV NAVSURFWARCENDIV Crane,  Code JSXN" writes:
>> Also do you notice that if just after you (the user who did the edit)
>> checkout a new copy of the baseline the file
>> $CVSROOT/baseline/CVS/fileattr no longer exists?  I believe this is
>> due to CVS seeing this action as an abandoning of the previous
>> sandbox, not sure if it is documented though.
> I believe that's correct.
>> The script below exhibits your "bug", which I think may be an
>> un/misdocumented feature of CVS clearing edit on new checkout by an
>> editing user.  comments Larry|Mark|Derek??
> I believe that's exactly correct.

I don't see the logic here. Even if CVS acts this way, is it really ok
to just state that this is "an undocumented feature" when the logic
seems to be faulty?

If someone states that she/he is editing a file, why would another
checkout void that statement? Clearing the edit is even more dubious in
case of an export.

> I don't think any of us maintainers use cvs edit, so none of us have
> ever been motivated to do anything about it, one way or another.

I a patch fixing this problem was submitted to you, would you include


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